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Brian Hocieniec
Brian Hocieniec
Ming, was very helpful and made my buying experience a pleasure. Based on my initial purchase I will definitely be coming back.
Skylar Raynor
Skylar Raynor
Great store! with great customer service
Arlene Wilson
Arlene Wilson
Ming was great with awesome customer service
David Lee
David Lee
Rock-bottom prices and negotiable they take care of the customer Ming is the man
sergio penha
sergio penha
Very nice guy’s and he speak português Best price ever !!
Haider Khan
Haider Khan
Ming helped us pick out a washer and dryer, he was very professional. Helped us stay within our budget. Will definitely come back to purchase more appliances for our business.
Shamsher khan
Shamsher khan
Great spot for discounted appliances
Julie archer
Julie archer
Great experience buying a new to me dryer.
Alessandro Cezar
Alessandro Cezar
Great dealer I recommend to everyone, very attentive and helpful

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What Is A Scratch & Dent Appliance?

Occasionally when an appliance leaves the factory, it may have a scratch or dent on it somewhere. These appliances are fully operational, but the cosmetic issues were discovered before customer delivery.

Minor Dents or Scratches Appliances are in Perfect Working Condition. Our Deal Are Unbeatable Guaranteed Up to 60% Off

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